CB12 250ML 3ER-PACK Minze / Menthol Mundwasser

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3 PACK Now you no longer have to worry about having bad breath. CB12 is a safe breath rinse that neutralizes the formation of the substances that cause bad breath. Simply rinse your mouth with CB12 in the morning and you will have a safe breath for 12 hours. Bad breath – a very common problem Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem that affects women and men of all ages. Studies show that up to 50 per cent of people experience problems with their breath.1,2,3 Home remedies recommended 2,000 years ago are very similar to the advice given for bad breath today: rest, drink plenty of water and eat parsley. Bad breath may have social consequences. Most people who have bad breath are not aware of the problem since people tend to adjust to their own body scents, therefore it is hard to determine whether ones breath smells bad. Originates from the oral cavity The most common misconception about bad breath is that it originates in the stomach, but in fact it almost always originates in the oral cavity, more specifically in 90 per cent of cases. Anyone can suffer from bad breath at some point in their life. How does bad breath develop and what is the cause? Bad breath is caused by growth of certain bacteria in the oral cavity, between teeth and in pits on the back of the tongue. When these bacteria break down food particles (etcetera), malodorous sulphur gases are formed and these cause bad breath in the exhaled air. CB12 neutralizes and prevents the origin of these gases.

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